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 Pernil, lettuce, tomato, mayoketchup and aoli served between 2 crispy plantains


 Classic Cuban sandwich with pernil, ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayo-mustard


Steak, pernil, ham, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo ketuchup






bistec / steak

carne de cerdo / pork

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FrinGo's Kitchen Puerto rican food!

Although Latin Caribbean food is still scarcely making its way into the valley, there's still hope for your relentless cravings. FrinGo's Kitchen has an ensemble of traditional dishes that you haven't eaten since your mother decided to stop cooking. From alcapurrias to pernil and relleno de papa to pollo guisado we have all the goodness that reminds you of home! 

Haven't tried Puerto Rican food yet? Swing by our menu page to see what you've been missing. With our mouth watering appetizers and filling entrees you'll never leave here hungry. Well, unless of course your order is a carry out in which case you may leave very hungry. 

We fell in love with this family-owned and -operated restaurant almost at first bite. 

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Take heart, super-busy Chandlerians: Your restaurant has arrived.

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Phoenix New Times Best of Phoenix 2015

Pollo / chicken

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Frituras / fritters