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There's just something about the comfort and simplicity of a small family owned takeout spot that satisfies the appetite in a way that large food chains don't quite grasp.

FrinGo's Kitchen is no different. We've done our absolute best to bring home style dishes within your reach. Think, the smell of your grandma's kitchen with the comfort of home. The atmosphere here is welcoming and casual. Maybe even a few shouts from the dining room to the kitchen here and there... just like home. 

Why the restaurant? Puerto Rico born Urias Torres was raised in Long Island, NY and moved to Arizona in 1998. Like so many others from back east, upon arrival to the valley he realized the lack of food diversity. And so began his quest to save the world. Oh wait. Different story. So after years of managing and owning his own business, Urias teamed up with wife, Vanessa and sister, Magaly to create FrinGo's Kitchen. Magaly, with a background in the culinary arts and all things delicious, had the pleasure of training with some of Arizona's finest chefs. So naturally she took her family recipes which were passed down from her mother, Susana, to the next level of goodness. 

Efrain Felix Torres  

7/22/44 - 7/4/2001 

Meet Efrain Felix Torres. Father of Urias and Magaly Torres. People have asked what's a fringo, or what does fringo mean in Spanish? Actually, it's the nickname Efrain's siblings gave him as a child. His other nickname was Superman... or Pa.

FrinGo's sounded better than Superman's Kitchen. 

What's a FrinGo?